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STOMP OUT BC – Monday, April 6th!!


Hey All!!

We have another Stomp Out BC event happening on Monday, April 6th! As you probably remember from last time, this is a social media event for all of us to be heard! We are sick and tired of Metastatic Breast Cancer being the “elephant in the pink room” as METAvivor put it (which then Komen and Kohl’s stole the elephant to promote their dumb pink shit but that’s a whole other topic I won’t get into right now).

Anyway, back to the point of my post: We did a great job at our last event by trending at #2 on Facebook almost all day. Unfortunately, we weren’t as successful on Twitter but hoping to change that this time around. We will be focusing on using only one hashtag this time: #DontIgnoreStageIV (remember not to put any punctuation in the hashtag, or it won’t work).

The event works the same as last time. It is a social media event so you can sit on your couch, in your PJs and participate. No need to go anywhere or donate any dollars – we just want your voice! You can share any information you want about MBC and use hashtag #DontIgnoreStageIV. My Facebook & Twitter will be going off all day (so be warned I’ll be annoying again come Monday). Here are some ways you can help:

Facebook & Twitter:
You can share information on your own and use #DontIgnoreStageIV


You can share my posts and just type in #DontIgnoreStageIV on your message to get it trending

Please follow the link below and sign up to make thunder! Thunderclap will automatically post to your Facebook or Twitter on Monday at 3pm. You don’t need to sign up for anything and it will never post again. We are about 60 people away from getting this to go through. If we don’t get 60, then this will have failed and nothing will be posted. So if you haven’t already, please sign up and help us make Thunder! Here is the link: Thunder Clap – Help Us Be Heard!

HootSuite (https://hootsuite.com):
HootSuite is a really cool website where you can link both your Facebook & Twitter accounts. You can then schedule tweets/posts to be sent out on a specific day/time and they will automatically post without you having to do a thing on Monday. I have already set-up my Facebook, my Twitter, and Live From Stage IV’s Twitter for Monday (so be prepared to be ambushed again).

Tweeting Local News Stations:
We have also been tweeting to news stations all around the country asking them to get on board. If you have a twitter, please retweet my tweets to the local news stations or all I have sent to. You can also use this: Join @StompOutBC Mon Apr 6 & #DontIgnoreStageIV See po.st/T9QycS 4 more abt #StompOutBC and send them out on your own!

Lastly, there are tons of pictures you can share with information about Metastatic Breast Cancer on Live From Stage IV’s website. Here are two links to grab that info: Stomp Out BC Images and Stomp Out BC Under 40 Quotes

Thanks in advance for your help in getting us heard!



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    METAvivor ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

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