Mar 08

Petition For Change!


Hi Everyone!

If you are my Facebook friend you have probably seen me posting from my page and Live From Stage IV’s Facebook page about this petition asking that Komen put 50% of its donations toward research and innovation. We are close to 7,000 signatures which is amazing but we need 10,000 to actually do anything with this. I know we can reach 10,000! 

So if you haven’t already and you want to help, please sign this: Ask Komen to give 50% of Donations to Research! It takes about 2 minutes out of your day to add your name to this and I think everyone can give up 2 minutes!

Thanks for your help!


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  1. Judy Paula

    Stay Strong & I know you will beat this….I have a great feeling on this.

  2. Stefanie "Bicchieri" Bradley

    Give 50 percent of donations to research!

  3. Gina

    Give 50 precent of donations to research

  4. Patrice gay

    50 percent or more!!!!

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