Mar 07

Do We Become Losers?


For our Stomp Out BC campaign, our friend, Kate Crawford (follow her blog at Kate’s Chronicles of Cancer), had come up with a great idea: to make images of quotes from our fellow MBC sisters of what it’s like to live with metastatic breast cancer. We got an amazing response and the words were powerful! One of the images created really rang true for me and got me thinking:

Beth Fairchild3

Why has it become normal to say “after a long battle, she lost her fight to breast cancer?” Do we become losers when we die? In my opinion, this fight was never fair to begin with. The fact that 40,000 people died in 1970 from MBC and 40,000 people will die this year from MBC clearly shows that this is not a fair fight. When you are up against a cancer that has no cure, you can’t win.

When I die, I don’t want anyone to say I lost. That implies I gave up. One thing I know for sure is: I will NEVER give up. Like Beth, I want people to remember I fought like hell and I never, ever gave in or up. Even when this cancer spreads more and gets worse (which it inevitably will), I will not give up. I plan to go out kicking and screaming. I refuse to accept that I will die from this disease. I still hold out hope that there will be a cure during my lifetime. Maybe I’m naïve? Maybe I’m in denial? Either way, believing things will change is what gets me through each day. I have to believe it will get better. I have to have hope that people will start paying attention and realize that we need more funding for research. That people will realize huge companies like Komen, are not fighting for a cure like they state but instead focusing on awareness and prevention. Awareness & prevention are NOT working. If they were, 30 year olds wouldn’t be getting diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. WE NEED A CURE not AWARENESS!

So come next October when pink is in your face and every store is asking you to donate, please tell them NO! Maybe even tell them why: Pink is about awareness and prevention, not a cure! Pink won’t cure cancer, but Metavivor might! If you want to donate and actually make a difference, please go to metavivor.org. Metavivor is the only organization donating 100% of funds to research for metastatic cancer and is my only hope of a future.



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  1. Susan D'Antona

    Your fighting and making changes already !!! You are a winner

  2. Susanne Kraus-Dahlgren

    This post made me think of pre-serum Steve Rogers. He didn’t have a hope of winning a fight, being 98 pounds with various health problems, but that didn’t stop him from giving it his best shot and he never backed down, never ran away. He stood up to the bullies and didn’t let fear rule him.

    Cancer’s our bully. We might get a black eye and our teeth knocked out and our ass kicked, but we are never going to back down or run away.

    Cancer’s gonna have to settle for a draw.

  3. Janet Fields

    Christine, this made me cry, you have to keep holding on to the hope that there will be a cure for you soon.Love you and you have to keep up the fight and the strength to go on. You have so many people praying for you and hopefully one of us or them have a connection to the Lord above to help us get you through this fight. We love you so much and are amazed by your strength and I know in my heart you will never give up this fight you have been handed. You are such a strong girl and have such a strong support group, we will all always be there for you! Love you so much. xoxo Just keep fighting and as Bob says “Everything is gonna be allright” you always have me and Dad and your wonderful husband Chris to be there for you everyday and we with are all there with you in both your good days and bad days, that’s what family is about. Love you and your strength xoxo

  4. nicole

    Love this!!!! I could literally feel it in my stomach!

  5. carol mc carthy

    Hi Chrlyissy,

    My breast surgeon (Pat Duggan, MD, Faulkner i2 operations on me) absolutely hated pink, if I read her body language correctly. So I do too.

    You are an absolutely astounding woman. If ever you need a swim to help kick cancer in the ass, please let me know.

    BSC at Wellington Circle is mostly free in the early AM 5-11, and good at other times. Stairs and railings in case you are in a ‘I got sucker punched’ by chemo or whatever mode, and I can come and get you [you live near MoNardone, my sis, right?

    I grab a paddleboard and do 2 laps, and then really swim some more each day, and then go in the sauna.

    I’m up early..let me know. Weekdays 5 AM-11 PM; Weekends 7 AM – 9 PM. 617 389 8768; 617 763 2995 carol

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