Jul 23

‘Cause Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright


Well to say it’s been a while since my last update would be an understatement. Sorry to leave everyone hanging but in all reality, I just haven’t had much to say. My last post was at my one-year cancerversary as they call it in Cancerland. Since then I’ve taken myself off all social media because it seemed like every time I would log on to Facebook or Instagram I would see another friend had passed away from this awful disease. I know it’s the reality of this disease, however it started to take a pretty big toll on me and I found myself sinking into a bit of a depression over it. All of these deaths really started screwing with my head. I would go from messaging with these girls and they would be fine and then it seemed like a week later they would be gone. From what I’ve learned in the past year, it seems this is how this disease works. Fine one day, gone the next. So because of all this, I took a break from social media as well as my blog and spent some time regrouping and focusing on myself. I’m happy to say the break from the world worked and I’m back to my old self and feeling positive and grateful for each new day.

So what’s new you ask? Well a lot actually.

Chris & I went to St. John with Little Pink back in May and it was the best vacation of my life! We got to snorkel, paddle board, and met an amazing group of people! Our roommates were by far the best people we could have been paired up with. We spent a few nights sitting up in our condo till the wee hours of the morning laughing & drinking and hanging out like these people had been our friends for a lifetime. Little Pink Houses of Hope is an amazing organization. I cannot say enough fabulous things about them. We were lucky that Jeanette, the founder of Little Pink, was on our trip so we got to spend a week with her. She may be one of the nicest people I have ever met! The other volunteers were also the kindest, most genuine people. The week was filled with so many activities all donated by the people on the island. Our week in St. John proved that there is still so much good in this world. I could not be more grateful that we were chosen to participate on this trip. It is a vacation I will never forget and the memories and friends we made will stay with me forever!

Chris is back at work after being laid off for 3 months. He could not be more thrilled to be back. I also could not be more thrilled considering his insurance is pretty clutch these days! He is in much better spirits now that he’s back working. I do miss him on my weekly Dana appointments but my mom has been great company every week.

Our wedding planning is finally coming together. Invitations have gone out so it’s official – We will be celebrating the nuptials with our closest family and friends in Palm Springs on October 25th!! We are doing our bachelor/bachelorette parties in Vegas prior to the wedding. 30 of our closest friends and family in Vegas should make for some pretty fun/interesting stories! Now that we have really jumped into the planning and things are getting done, I’m getting really excited about it. Looking back, its pretty funny how much I’ve changed over the past few years. I originally wanted nothing to do with a wedding and wanted to elope (just us two). Unfortunately, Chris being 1 of 9 kids was not on board for that whatsoever. But since my diagnosis, I can honestly say I have changed completely. I cannot wait for Oct 25th! I am ecstatic to celebrate our marriage and have a day to just celebrate us, enjoy the moment, and have a love-filled weekend where cancer doesn’t exist. After the year we’ve had, I think we both have earned this!

OK OK, I’m sure you are on edge waiting for me to get to the important stuff – Cancer! Well there is a lot going on in that part of my life too…

I’ve continued my weekly chemo infusions of Taxol since whole brain radiation ended. This past Monday was my 20th infusion. I feel like I’ve had a lot more than 20 infusions but I think that’s a normal feeling when you are sitting at Dana Farber every single Monday. The side effects have got a lot better. The vomiting every day has ended and now it’s only happening once a week, if that. The fatigue has passed for the most part. I’m finding I have more energy as time goes on. I obviously have good and bad days but it seems the good are starting to outnumber the bad.

Scans you ask?

Most recently I’ve had both a brain/head MRI and a new CT of my body. Let’s talk body first. For the first time in the past year, my scan showed signs of REGRESSION!! My bones are showing healing and the tumors in my breasts are barely visible on both sides! As if that is not enough amazing news, I had my brain MRI last week -the WHOLE BRAIN RADIATION WORKED!!! The cancer in the outline of my brain has decreased so much it’s barely visible in most parts! To explain this better, my scan from about 4 months ago showed let’s say a 3 cm line around all of my lining which was all cancer. Last Thursday’s scan, showed it at about 1cm in some areas and completely gone in others! To say I’m thrilled would be the biggest understatement of the year. I’m F’N ECSTATIC!!! If my body still worked the way it used to I would jump up and down all day and night in excitement! It is the best news we have heard in the past year and we all know we haven’t had much to celebrate since this diagnosis! Not sure if you have ever had an MRI but they usually give you headphones and ask what you want to listen to when you go into the machine. It sounds like people are shooting at you with machine guns in the MRI machine so they let you listen to music to block out the banging sound. I of course picked Bob Marley for my Pandora station and the very first song to come on was Three Little Birds! Now if that isn’t a sign that things are going to be good, I don’t know what is!

So there you have it, Life is Good! And as Bob Marley said, “Every Little Thing Gonna Be Alright” I believe those words more now than I ever did before, if that’s even possible! Thank you for all your prayers and your positive thoughts – They are working!

Till next time,



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  1. Barbara Kitzman

    Thrilled to hear your good news. You truly are amazing!

  2. Annabelle Guerrero-Montano

    Hi Chrissy,

    Glad to hear you’re on the mend! You’re always in my prayers. Ken Sumner was kind enough to share with me the link to your website. Keep the faith, the love, the hope…You’re an incredible fighter and you will for sure beat big C!


  3. Chris Carroll

    Awesome news!!!!!!!!!! God the good are outnumbering the bad…. Keep it up!

  4. Mark C

    Clear scans and delicious nachos from Yard House. Praying that we see more days like that in your future. So happy for your good news!

  5. mary silvestro

    Hi Chrissy,
    We are soo HAPPY to hear this GREAT news. I can’t stop smiling.You are such an inspiration. Congratulations on your wedding plans this is so exciting. Please tell Chris we said hello. Sending you big hugs
    Love Mary & George

  6. María Chacón

    Those news are fantástico!!!! I am super happy for you, girl!!!
    Thank you for sharing your great news!!! Keep up the fight!!! You can do it!!!!

  7. Karen Dudley

    Chrissy, I’m so freaking happy to hear this news about you … Truly a miracle in progress .. I will keep praying for you and your health ! 😀I’m happy you are planning your wedding that’s awesome news … We will all be their in spirit wishing you both the best wedding possible! Looking forward to your posts xxoo

  8. Marcy

    I can’t tell you how happy I am about your good news
    I always knew there are miracles and you are
    One of them you are a inspiration for the world
    Love you
    Marcy xoxo

  9. Amy Marks

    So happy to hear the good news and equally thrilled to hear that you are feeling better and have been out there enjoying life!! I’ve been checking for updates daily and am thinking of you just as often. Good luck with the wedding planning and everything in between :).

  10. Jessica Crawford

    That is FANTASTIC news Chrissy! I am so happy to hear all the positive strides you’ve made against your cancer with your treatments and also with taking a break for yourself from social media etc. As I know I’ve said before, my Mom always said- positive mind and positive soul bring you to wondrous places. That was her motto throughout her cancer journey and it’s the truth and it looks like it’s working for you! As you know, my Mom was dx at 39 and her closest friend she made through it all was dx with MBC at 34 and is still going strong in her fight 10 years later! There is so much hope. So happy for you and Chris, I wish you both an amazing time is Vegas and best of luck with your wedding, you will be a beautiful bride! Lots of love xoxo

  11. Gerri Simoelli

    Hey Chrissy,

    So happy for you:) and your family. I am sure you will have the best wedding ever and “remember what happens in Vegas…stays in Vegas” lol.

    Three little birds is one of my favorite songs. I have used it many times when times get tough. I just love it.

    Remember keep Living in the Moment as your bracelet says and make the most wonderful memories ever.


  12. Jaclyn

    I’m tearing up as I reas this. I am so happy for you, you’re a miracle walking.

  13. Susan DeStefano


    What a positive, uplifting report! How wonderful for you to get news you can celebrate.

    I will continue to keep you and Chris in my thoughts and prayers.

  14. Mandi

    Love that you had such a lovely trip! Regression! Yay!

  15. Jennifer

    That Bob Marley tune has gotten me through many of life’s ordeals…. I am so so stinking happy to hear this…. Sat we have the Re-Thnk the Pink benefit at Greendales pub in Worc. Due to all i have learned from you, and all the Mets Monday posts this came about. You have done so much with awareness.. I am so so so happy that you recieved the good news you did…. I believe in miracles, and this family has a few people in heaven workign really hard to make one happen…. I am sure of it!!! Love you!!! xo

  16. Connie Pace

    I have tears of Joy right now. You are so darn courageous and being positive has paid off. Keep up the fight and we will all keep up the prayers. Can’t wait until Oct. to see you.

  17. Mere

    LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!! love you!!

  18. Patrice

    I cannot stop smiling/crying/smiling/crying.
    Oh Chrissy– such awesome news!!!!
    love you

  19. Carol

    Hi Chrissy
    Your most recent blog brought tears to my eyes. I don’t know if you remember. I graduated high school with your mom and dad. You’ve been in my prayers. We must hold on to faith. At the most difficult times in life sometimes faith and prayer are about all we have. For some reason God has chosen you as a strong person to challenge and win this battle. Why? We’ll never understand. I’ve also been chosen to challenge a different battle then yours. Prayer,friends and faith helped me through. Congratulations on your wedding plans and God bless you. Hang in there kid!
    Carol ❤️

  20. Pat Morris

    Your post just made my day! Know you are part of the reason we ride the PMC!!!!!!! You always amaze me…and it’s so nice you FINALLY have good news!

  21. Elaine LaMacchia


    I am SO happy to hear the cancer is backing off and you are feeling better. Go out and enjoy life!

    Miss you lots!

    Elaine LaMacchia

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